I am Brianna Conrad and I started B.home because I saw a need, not just for a product, not just for another beautiful “show” or display, but for a lifestyle, a way of living that is realistic, achievable, personable and enjoyable.

B.home is an interior design business, focusing on encompassing and combining living well through beautiful design, entertaining, and using what you already have or what someone else has used, to create a unique environment and experience, whether enjoying your home alone or inviting others into your home.

I love to help people learn to be comfortable in their homes and to be comfortable hosting others in their homes. I don’t believe this takes a big budget or a painstaking amount of work. I believe it can be achieved and enjoyed with the right attitude, approach and tools.

I travel around the country, around the world, searching for unique items and working for a variety of clients, both on residential and commercial projects, big or small. I specialize in working within a budget that fits each individual and stage of life.

Good taste and creativity doesn’t necessarily cost a lot! Many times the things that people comment on or love most are the old, the used, the inexpensive. I love re-using things when possible and pulling nature into all my design. I find this creates a unique, timeless and memorable look that not only looks beautiful, but feels comfortable as well.

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