“We just moved into our house and were completely overwhelmed trying to come up with design ideas. B.home did a wonderful job creating different concepts for each room, making the whole house flow together beautifully! Brianna has a way of making each living space unique and cozy!”

~ Amber Nisley

“My husband and I recently built a house and had to start from ground zero decorating. I had an idea of the look I wanted to achieve, but no idea how to get there. Brianna has been wonderful to work with along this journey. We started having her assist in picking paint colors – and we could not be more pleased with the result! She then provided decorating ideas for individual rooms. She put together a great look for our dining room, using furniture we already had and adding affordable touches to give the room a finished look. We look forward to working with her on the next space!”

~ Mike and Marie Moore

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“B.home helped me realize that I actually really loved my current furniture and accessories but they weren’t being used in a way in which they could be seen and enjoyed. Brianna spent the day helping me rearrange the flow of my rooms, and even switched the living room with the dining room to better use the space and furniture. I love that Brianna first worked with what I had and then only added the things we needed for that extra “wow factor” in the end. Now the house flows so much better, we can see the things we have that we love, and we use our dining room and living room now, whereas before we avoided the rooms. And although it all looks beautiful, it’s very practical for our busy life with two little boys.” ~ Jessie and Taylor Broughton

“I recently worked with Brianna on a design project in my home. I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to quickly pick up on my “vision,” as well as her sensitivity to my budgetary guidelines.  Within a couple of days, Brianna sent me several ideas for how I could decorate the windows in my living and dining room.  She was very attentive, and checked-in with me regularly to assure that my project was completed in a timely manner (approx. 2 weeks).  I would certainly work with her again in the future.  Thank you, Brianna!!

~ A. S.